Welcome to the Organometallic and Materials Chemistry Group!

Organometallic chemistry is an academic field that has the potential to create completely new functions by integrating the properties of organic molecules and metallic elements. Our research group aims to develop new catalysts and reactants that enable innovative molecular transformations based on organometallic chemistry, and to create highly stable metal nanomaterials. Through our research, we hope to contribute to the advancement of science and technology toward a sustainable society.

Although we face many difficulties in developing new reactions and materials, the excitement we feel when we achieve them with our own ideas is irreplaceable, and I believe this is the true joy of research. If you are interested in organometallic chemistry, or if you want to try something new and different, let's do research together!

Features of our research group

Our group is working in an environment that is completely different from a typical laboratory in Japan.

1. International research environment

Our group is a satellite laboratory of Prof. Cathleen Crudden of Queen's University, Canada, who is a former President of the Canadian Chemical Society and currently serves as Editor-in-Chief of ACS Catalysis, the premier journal in catalytic chemistry. There are many researchers from overseas in our group, and we have frequent opportunities to present, discuss, and collaborate in English. We believe that being exposed to English on a daily basis will help us produce human resources who can be active on the world stage.

2. Interdisciplinary research

Our research group belongs to the Institute for Transformative Biomolecules, an international research center established in 2013 as part of the World Premier Research Center Program. There is no concept of a laboratory at the institute, but rather a cross-disciplinary fusion of chemistry, biology, and theoretical chemistry, with the aim of developing innovative biomolecules. I believe that this is an opportunity to grow as a researcher by gaining experience in not only my own research field, but also in recognizing the problems faced by other research fields, and solving these by yourself.

To all students who wish to enter our research group

We are currently recruiting students who wish to enter the Master's and Doctoral Programs from other universities with different research fields. We also welcome students from other universities with different research fields.